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(Photo courtesy of Home Depot)

When your air filter is full of enough debris that you can’t see light through it, that’s an obvious indicator that it’s time for a new filter. You should check your filter monthly, and may need to change it monthly. By changing your air filter, you’ll improve the overall air quality of your home as well as your furnace’s efficiency. Here’s some quick steps on changing your filter:

  1. Turn off furnace
  2. Remove existing furnace filter (located inside furnace or return air vent)
  3. Determine airflow direction, make a note on outside of furnace if desired with a marker as a reminder of airflow direction. The furnace filter size will be notated on the filter’s cardboard frame. If you have a filter with a plastic frame, then it’s reusable. You may clean it with a vacuum.
  4. Find the right replacement filter at your local hardware store.
  5. When installing your new filter, make sure you’re putting it in the correct orientation. Replace any cover that goes over it. Record when you changed it to keep track of future changes.