Selecting Your Countertops

Selecting Your Countertops

Choosing between granite and quartz countertops is just a matter of preference. Granite is often chosen because it’s naturally produced, while quartz, an engineered stone, allows for more possibilities in terms of selection. Take a look below to learn more about both options.


  • 100% Natural, mined as raw material
  • Unique in appearance, occurs naturally
  • Price varies from slab to slab due to sourcing and transportation costs
  • Clean daily, reseal yearly
  • Durable, but porous, so subject to stains from spills
  • Slightly less expensive of an option


  • Engineered, stone mixed with resin
  • Manufactured and designed for selections
  • More environmentally-friendly than mined granite (Cuts down on transport if customer uses regionally manufactured stone & local fabricators)
  • Clean daily, but no need to reseal due to its solid surface
  • Harder than granite, more durable, not porous, easier to keep surfaces bacteria-free
  • More expensive due to manufactured nature

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